Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yamaha snowblowers

Yamaha Snowblower Reviews

Yamaha Snow Blowers have scooped a lot of market shares recently based on the fact that the Yamaha company decided to use its name to sell their snowblowers. 

Yamaha is a household name especially in the electronics industry with products ranging from audio, visual and musical instruments and also power generators. 

They also pride themselves in making motorbikes for racing, commercial and private purposes.

The company has used its success in order product sections to push their snow blowers in to the market and the people have welcomed them with open arms.

Yamaha Best Buys.

One of the popular models of Yamaha snowblowers is the Yamaha S624. It has been generally accepted by consumers, over time showing their satisfaction with the product.

 In terms of performance it has been highly rated, having the strength to help you clear thick and large portions of snow in different conditions.

This Yamaha snowblower has also been described to be flexible and consumers have boldly said it lives up to expectation.

People who have bought this Yamaha snowblower have used it for a long time and have not complained about after sales services or parts.

You can easily replace most of the parts as they have been designed to be done as Do It Yourself (DIY).

 Several users who buy the S624 also say that the S624 is a trouble-free machine that does the job without any complains.

The Yamaha S828 Snowblower

The other popular brand in the Yamaha snowblowers family is the S828.

Although not as popular as the S624, it offers the same level of performance and durability as the S624. Probably because of its price.

Due to its unpopularity its part are kind of hard to find so you might want to consider this if you are planning on going for the s828.

Why Should I Buy A Yamaha?

Yamaha snowblowers have proven to have good performance and durability, and this has kept their customers loyal to them. 

Although not so classy when it comes to design, but if you are loking for good performance and value for money, Yamaha snowblowers would be a smart choice. 

Buyers of Yamaha products generally enjoy good customer support and the company has also extended that benefit to consumers who buy Yamaha Snowblowers.


  1. My personal love is yamaha snöslunga. I also love their bike too. Thanks for review.

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  3. I have a yamaha yt 624 snow blower and after less then 2 tanks of fuel im having to replace the carb?? the main jet could not be removed ...
    the issue.....MADE IN CHINA
    Yamaha turns them over for half the money there and consumes suffer as a result
    is it possible that a relatively new machine is going to be needing $400-$500 of servicing every 2 years??
    Yamaha gives the excuse of ethanol in the fuel...I ran ONLY premium ethanol free fuel in mine and always drain the cab for storage
    I will NEVER make a Yamaha purchase for any of their products made in china.....hopefully this will resonate with the brass at Yamaha(doubtful)
    do yourself a favour and DONT buy cheap Chinese Yamaha products