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John Deere Snowblowers

Prices and Reviews

John Deere snowblowers have come a long way and they are backed by the standing of the company name.They provide commercial and consumer equipments for a variety of purposes.

One of the major reason why it has become a popularr brand over the years is because of the man behing the success story of the company. The company was founded back in 1837 by a man called John Deere.He was regarded as the first man to come up with the first self-scouring steel plow that achieved success in the commercial world. As time went by he was considered an indurty leader in snowblowers and also equipments.

Their produce equipments for the manufacture of agricultural equipments, commercial and consumer equipments, and equipments for construction and forestry. Along with mowers and tractors. John Deere snowblowers were added later on to can handle commercial and resident snow clearing.

some of the claims of john Deere which you might want to consider before deciding to gor a john deere snowblower are highligted below:

  • A strong and powerful engine: John Deere snowblowers are designed with good, reliable engines.They are mostly Briggs and Stratton Snow Series and Snow Series MAX with up to 16.50 ft.-lbs. of gross torque power.
  • Easy to maneuver: Easily maneuverable with the Quick Turn drive system, free hand controls, and X-Trac tires.
  • Durability : mainly because of the strong gear cases and steel serrated augers. The frames are specially reinforced to make sure that john Deere snowblowers can handle the heaviest snow.
  • Convenience: Easy to use, with electric chutes with good rotations and friction disk drive systems with multiple speeds. They even have duty skid shoes and push button electric starts for your convenience.

John Deere snowblowers are a good brand to consider for when you want to snowblower to buy. The company has high credibility. Which means that you can expect it to deliver.The company offers single-stage and dual-stage snowblowers. They provide residential units, but their main focal point are on commercial and industrial


Their products are in also in 2 major categories the single Stage and the double Stage.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

John Deere offers the 522E single stage snow blower. The product is a compact and most affordable unit when ccompared to their other products. It comes with a powerful 4-cycle Briggs and Stratton engine that has a 5.25 ft.-lbs. gross torque power and a 2-quart fuel tank. It throws snow up to 22 inches away.

It has an Auger-propelled drive system and a large mitten grip. It has a recoil start for manual operation as well as a push button electric start for safe and easy usage of up to 190 degrees. Also comes with a 7-inch poly wheels that can be easily managed.

Easy to store with its compact size and the handlebars that could be folded down. Users have complained that it is not easy to use. If your are a feather weight and don’t really want to spend much you might want to consider this John Deere snowblower.

Dual-Stage Snow blowers

The 1130SE two stage snow blower, which comes at a the price of $1,549.

The machine uses a 4-cycle OHV Briggs and Stratton Snow Series Max engine. Now this is a machine you can rugged from its appearance alone.Its features include an easy chute rotation, a large mitten grip, a steel auger, a durable cast iron gear case, and a large chute opening that can scoop up more snow for a more competent work.

John Deere built a special Easy Steer drive technology that provides powerful movement and auto speed adjustments.

The machine can throw snow with a 30-inch clearing width and comes with a friction disk drive that allows you to choose from 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The X-Trac tires also provide additional strength to the machine.

The John Deere 1332PE Professional

Heavier snowblowers for heavier and professional were needed and john Deere decided to rise up to the challenge and came up with the 1332PE.this machines offers the 16.50 ft.-lbs. gross torque power of a Snow Series MAX engine.

The usual features are present, plus a Quick Turn drive system for easy maneuverability and steel serrated augers for excellent cutting of snow. Although it comes at a price of $2,249, and most people say its value for money as it gets the jon done profesionally.

Before you Buy

John Deere snowblowers are actually one of the expensive ones on display, but they are classified and one of the strongest and the most reliable. If you don’t have the budget of a john deere snowblower you might want to consider some other brand of snowblower. They are other brands that are also as effective and durable as John Deere snowblowers.


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