Monday, October 19, 2009

MTD Snowblowers

MTD snowblowers belong to a family of brand products designed and manufactured by the MTD, a company that has been providing durable, easy-to-use outdoor power equipment for more than 40 years. MTD snowblower brands offers products designed to meet light, medium and heavy snowblowing needs for both residential and commercial markets.

MTD snowblowers Lines and Brands.

MTD snowblowers comes with different brand names, for different snowblowing needs. ranging from Yard Machines, Yard Man, and Troy Bilt brands. these brands falls under the light, medium and heavy duty snowblowing needs.
One of Largest brands of MTD snowblowers are the Yard Machines Snowblowers, which include models 31A240-800, the 31A-32AD700, and the Snow Fox Electric Snow Thrower.Out of this group,the Snow Fox stands out.

Snow Fox Electric Snow Thrower.

the snowblower comes with an 8.5 amp motor that is responsible for throwing snow up to 25 feet away. It has a smooth-looking molded plastic housing and that is furnished with aluminium handles that are pretty light and easy to maneuver.It comes with a 12.5 inch clearing width, 6-inch intake height, a discharge chute can be adjusted into three different positions and a two-year warranty. Easy to operate, with electric start and light compact structure.

Light duty snowblowers:

Best suited for clearing pathways and smaller driveways where snowfalls are from 4 to 6 inches. They are low maintenance and easier to store due to their compact size.

For your light duty snow needs MTD snowblowers comes in two different brands. Bolens Premium and Yard Machines. The bolens premium and the Yard machines comes in single and two stage snowblowers. TheBolens Single Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start(Model M2P5B) and the Bolens Two-Stage Snow blower with new 4-way joystick and Electric Start (Model M53LE).

While the Yard machines are Yard Machines Single Stage Snow blower with Electric Start (Model 2N1B) and Yard Machines Compact Two-Stage Snow blower with Electric Start (Model 32AD).

The minimum specification, MTD put into these models are enough to cater for your light snow needs. The minimum spec is : 179cc PowerMore™ OHV 4-cycle winterized engine,21” clearing width and 10" intake height, Electric & manual start, 9" self pulling rubber edged auger, Auger/clutch control system,Reversible, replaceable scraper blade, Arctic tested high-impact 5” polymer chute: won't rust, dent or crack. 180° chute rotation, 7” x 1.5” wheels.

Space saving, folding handles. Durable automotive style powder coated paint. It can be assembled in minutes and you get a 2 year limited warranty depending on the line of product. They offer Electric and manual Start that comes with a 208cc PowerMore™ OHV 4-cycle winterized engine. They can clear snow with 21-24 inch width.

Designed with Taller poly chute that focuses concentrated blasts of snow Steerable wheel drive that turns snow blower left or right with the click of a trigger. 9" self pulling rubber edged auger and also 12” X-treme augers for the Bolens Two-Stage Snow blower . 9” x 2” wheels and the Bolens Two-Stage Snow blower comes with a 15" x 5" X-trac snow tires for maximum traction. 10" and 21” intake height. ergonomic space saving, folding handles and Heated handle grips keep hands warm. Assembles in minutes and comes with a 4 year limited warranty.

Moderate Duty MTD snowblowers:

Best suited for single and double driveways where snow falls are 6 to12 inches. Steel augers break through ice and hardened snow,while the high-speed impeller increases the ability to blast more snow through the discharge chute, clearing snow faster.

In this category MTD offers Troy Built and Yard Man,Bolens, MTD Gold, and Cub Cadet.the minimum spec in this range can conveniently do the work that is required of it. the minimum spec is:
208cc PowerMore™ OHV winterized engine runs quieter and cleaner,24” clearing width. 6 forward, 2 reverse speeds: select the best pace for both you and the snow conditions. Steerable wheel drive turns snow blower left or right with the click of a trigger.

Electric Start: No need to pull. Manual back-up included. NEW 4-way chute control - direct snow up, down, and side-to-side. Taller poly chute focuses concentrated blasts of snow - arctic tested: won't rust, dent, or crack. Heated handle grips keep hands warm. Single hand controls: locks in speed leaving one hand free to operate chute. 12” X-treme augers: each auger flight has its own shear bolts to allow augers to continue working if one goes down.

12” impeller and 21” intake height, In-dash yard light: for improved visibility and safety. Poly slide shoes: help prevent driveway marks and scratches. Tool-less drift cutters to cut away at deep snow drifts. 15" x 5" X-trac snow tires for maximum traction. Space saving, folding handles for easy storage.

Automotive style powder coated paint for a durable, longlasting finish. Extra shear bolts included. Assembles in minutes - no tools required. Oil pre-filled in engine - gas it up and you're ready to go. And a 3 year limited warranty depending on the range of product that is purchased.

Best Buys:

As much as MTD offers a large variety of brand products, ther are products that have made customers satisfied.

MTD 179CC Snowblower:

A product from MTD Gold, Single-Stage Gas Snow blower, 179CC, 4-Cycle, MTD OHV Engine, Recoil & Push-Button Electric Start Installed, 21" Clearing Width, 10" Intake Height, 190 Degree EZ Chute Rotation.
Rubber-Edged Auger Blade. Reversible/Replaceable Scraper Blade, Rugged 5" Polymer Chute, Folding Handles, 7" x 1.5" Poly Wheels, 2 QT Fuel Tank Capacity, Oil Included In Carton, Fully Assembled, 2 Year Limited Warranty. This product has the spec an features of the MTD Marshall. With at an affordable price of $500, customers have said its true value for money.

MTD 26" 2 Stage Snowblower:

Another brand of product from MTD Gold. Also a Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower. 208CC, 4-Cycle, MTD OHV Engine, Push-Button Electric Start Installed, 26" Clearing Width, 21" Intake Height, Serrated Auger Design, Large 12" Impeller, 6 Forward/2 Reverse Speeds. Single-Hand Operation, Clutch Lock System. Ergonomically Designed Control Panel, Single-Lever, Extended, 4-Way Chute Control, Rugged 5" Polymer Chute, 15" x 5" SnowHog Tires.

In-Dash Halogen Headlight, Heated Hand Grips, Deluxe Skid Shoes, 1 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity, Chute Clearing Device Standard, Oil Included In Engine, Fully Assembled and comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Consumers have said its one of the best line of product From MTD they have seen. It comes at a price of $1200. People who have bought it have said its proving its worth.

MTD Gold Single Stage Snowblower:

MTD also has the MTD Marshall 31AM2P5B704. A single-stage snow machine with a 208 cc, OHV 4 cycle MTD Gold engine with electric start. 21" clearing width with auger drive. 10" intake height with EZ manual chute control.

9" x 2" deluxe wheels. 2 quart fuel capacity with oil included in the carton. deluxe gull wing folding.
Not so many features but it is definitely a hard worker. Comes at a retail price of $600. A good price for a product that does a lot for hard work.

Before you buy.

MTd has different brands and products that offer different function, depending on your snowing needs. in general MTD has stood up to its name over time and they have proven themselves to be good manufacturers. their prices are on the moderate side except for a few of their products. going for an MTD snowblower would be a good choice.


  1. I was given an MTD model 31A-2M1A706 as a present. It is the most horrible machine! The rear wheels only clear the drive mechanism cover by 1/2 inch and clogs with snow ALL the time. This machine might be good enough on asphalt or concrete in Florida.

  2. Thats a cool review. I am looking for an Proffs på snöslungor for my home. Thanks.