Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toro snowblowers.

Toro snowblowers are one of the most popular snowblowers that provide the best snow clearing performance you can get from any snowblower. From decks to driveways, Toro has you covered with their complete line of dependable snowthrowers.

Toro has global dominance in the outdoor equipments industry for use in both professional and consumer environments, going back as far as 1914. The company provides services for agricultural growers, professional landscapers, maintenance managers, and homeowners.
Toro snowblowers come three main categories: electric snowblowers, single-stage snowblowers, and two-stage snowblowers.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

Toro’s single-stage snowblowers offer good productivity with its strong gas engine. They were designed for big snowfalls, yet light enough for anyone to handle. Great for small to medium driveways. They are Maneuverable have a powerful gas engine cleand down to the pavement for medium to heavy snowfalls.

All Toro single stage snowthrowers are backed by a 2 Year Full Warranty and have a power curve system. These category has three models for you to pick from.( CCR Powerlite,CCR 2450 GTS and the CCR 3650 GTS). Irrespetive of the one you choose you are guranteed excellent perfomance.

Two-Stage Snowblowers

These machines are called the power to the max snowblowers. They can plow through deep and heavy snow coverage. Analysts have said that they have one of the widest clearing paths in the industry, throwing snow up to 45 feet. Equipped with a PowerMax Auger system, that throw off snow fast and powerfully with its high-speed impeller. The snowblowers also have heavy-duty auger gearcases, FreeWheel steering, X-Trac tires, and a Quick Stick chute control for easy maneuverability.

wheels can be disengaged independently or simultaneously with handle-mounted trigger controls, making turning, reversing, and steering adjustments easy. They also come with convenient and adjustable reversible skid shoes.
The power max models include: Power Max 826 OE,Power Max 828 OXE, Power Max 1028 OXE, Power Max 1128 OXE, Power Max 1028LXEand Power Max 726TE/6000.

Electric Snowblower

Toro’s electric snowblowers are also one of the most popular in the electric snowblowers range, mainly because homeonwers prefer them a lot. The machines are Eco-Friendly, No gas, no oil, no maintenance. For a compact lightweight machine, it has a surprising amount of power. into a Quick to maneuver and easy to store, and they are ideal for small spaces.

Models in this category are : Power Shovel and the 1800 Power Curve. The Power Shovel line comes with a 2 year full warranty. This series provides 12” clearing widths and 20” throw distances, along with adjustable telescoping handles, a cord-lock system, and a powerful auger system and also a 7.5 amp electric motor. It has a highly durable plastic casing with metal handles.

The 1800 Power Curve comes with a 12-amp electric motor encased in an 18-inch model with a 160-degree movable chute, safety key locks. Has a 18” clearing widths and 30” throw distances

Before you buy:

Toro snowblowers are equipped with feature that provide perfomance and great value for money. Going for a toro snowblower would be a wise choice. When going for a toro snowblower you should consider their best buys: The 1800 Power Curve, Power Shovel and the CCR™ Powerlite®


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